All Buddhist Geeks Podcasts which aired in 2018, in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest).

12/13/2018 Psychedelics, Technology, and the Future of Meditation Mikey Siegel, Michael W. Taft, & Vincent Horn

10/15/2018 No Gods Before Love David Gold & Vincent Horn

09/17/2018 Falling in Love with the Truth David Gold & Vincent Horn

09/05/2018 The Present, Past, & Future of Mindfulness Rohan Gunatillake & Vincent Horn

08/29/2018 The Dharma of Networks Christopher Vitale & Vincent Horn

08/01/2018 Aya & Vajra Lama Karma & Vincent Horn

07/09/2018 Existential Medicine Trudy Goodman, Spring Washam, Charles Grob, & Vincent Horn

03/27/2018 Collective Wisdom Rising Spring Washam & Vincent Horn

03/12/2018 The Utter Perfection of Everything Trudy Goodman & Vincent Horn

02/26/2018 An Open Field of Inquiry Joan Halifax & Vincent Horn

02/19/2018 The Future of Work & Meditation Tiago Forte & Vincent Horn

01/29/2018 Meditating on LSD Michael W. Taft & Vincent Horn